11 December 2016

Random Suz: Day 11

How has your Sunday gone? Ours has been relatively peaceful. We didn't have anything that we *had* to do outside of the house other than taking our daughter to work and picking her back up. After we got her from work, we went for a short ride to look at Christmas lights. There seem to be, for the most part, two extremes in our area: Tim Taylor/Griswold or Nothing. We tend to be on the extreme minimalist side of things, only having a Christmas tree inside. If money didn't control what could be done around here, David would have every inch of the yard lit up and flashing and playing music and all sorts of things. He's my Tim Taylor. :)

While on our drive, we came across a lighted gazebo near the water's edge. It made a pretty reflection in the water. I tried to capture that, but many things were against a great photograph, including a flash that I couldn't disengage for whatever reason. It just wouldn't respond when I clicked it and kept flashing anyway. On the third shot, I think I finally got it to stop flashing. Here is the best of the three that I took of that gazebo. The other two were extremely grainy. This one came out rather abstract, not really looking like a gazebo at all.

Half Moon Gazebo ©11 December 2016 Suzanne G. McClendon

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  1. Interesting photo. I would love to have lots of lights, but I am too lazy to deal with them. We do have a nativity on the front porch and a few spiral trees.

    1. Thank you! I hope that I will be able to get a better picture of that gazebo soon. Hopefully the rain will stop before they take down the lights. It isn't pouring buckets or anything like that, but too much rain to expose the camera or the phone to.
      I think the spiral trees are pretty and the same for most every Nativity scene that I have seen. I bet your porch looks really lovely. :)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed week. :)


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