06 November 2016

Sunday Stealing

Ask, ask, ASK

1 - Who was the last person you texted?

Actual texting would probably be one of our daughters. The last person that I messaged with, however, was our Marine son via FB Messenger.

2 - When is your birthday?

I was born on a very hot mid-August night and have been a night owl ever since.

3 - Who do you want to be with right now?

The person that I *am* with, David, my husband. I would love it if all of our children were here, too, but they are scattered to the four winds living their lives.

4 - What sports do you play?

I do not "sports". My thoughts on sports are: Do the thing that gets the points, but do it on someone else's television. Yay team and all that.

5 - Who is the first person in your blogroll?

The first one in the Blogger list (and it decides the order apparently) is Me-anders. That blog hasn't posted anything in quite some time.

6 - What is your favorite song at the moment?

My favorite song for awhile now has been Angels and Demons by Aviators. However, my earworm of the day today is You're My Zing from the first Hotel Transylvania movie.

7 - If you were stranded on an island, who do you wish to be with?

See #3. The answer is the same.

8 - What do you feel right now?

I'm assuming you want an honest answer, not a flowery one. Sad, nauseated, and like a big pile of nothingness is what I am feeling right now.

9 - What chocolate is your favorite?

Pretty much any chocolate is my favorite chocolate. I especially love dark chocolate. However, I am not at all impressed with the Ghirardeli Intense Dark Chocolate that is in my refrigerator at the moment.

10 - How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have?

Just one and I married him. We just had our 32nd wedding anniversary.

11 - Why did you create a blog account?

I created a blog because it was the thing for someone who enjoys writing to do. It just made sense and it looked like it could be fun.

12 - Who is your favorite blogger?

I can't pick a favorite. There are so many out there with various things to offer: inspiration, education, and laughter...lots of laughter.

13 - Where do you want to be right now?

Pretty much anywhere other than where I am right now. I would love to be in a beautiful nature setting or an historic setting.

14 - What do you want to be in the future?

The ship has sailed on this one for me.

15 - When was the last time you cried? Why?

November 4 and the occasion was a bit of infuriating, depressing, "you are so nothing" news.

16 - Are you happy?

In some ways I am happy, but overall, no, and that is mainly because of the news mentioned in #15.

17 - Who do you miss?

My grandparents and my daddy and most definitely our Marine.

18 - If you were given a chance, would you like to have a different life?

Yes! I would like one where grandmas and daddies never died, where wars and threats of wars didn't take our children, where everyone has healthcare, and where people aren't considered worthless just because they are poor, and a life in a place where the air and the water are clean and safe to consume instead of a place where the air is killing me.

19 - What was the best thing you were given?

The best thing that I was given is my salvation. Second to that are my husband and my children.

20 - Who was the last person who called you?

Nobody ever calls me. David takes and makes all the calls. I have trouble hearing on the telephone and it is just a frustrating experience for everyone involved.

21 - What is your favorite dish?

Anything involving shrimp and/or cheesecake.

22 - Who is your best friend?

I have a few close friends, but the one that I consider my best friend is the one that I call Sis. We are sisters of the heart and understand each other on a multitude of levels.

23 - What is your biggest regret?

At the moment that would be being born. Overall, my biggest regret is that I was unable to protect my children from some pretty significant hurts in their lives.

24 - Have you ever avoided your partner?

If I have, I don't remember doing it.

25 - Who do you spend crazy moments with?

Most of my crazy moments are spent with David and sometimes with one or more of our children, who are all grown up now.

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  1. Nice to learn more about you, but I am feel bad knowing you are so unhappy. Is there a way you could move? It sounds like where you are now is the main source of your unhappiness. I hope things change soon-for the better.

    1. Thank you, Ellen. I am sorry that I made you feel bad.

      As long as things stay for us as they are at the moment, there is no chance of ever getting to move. The one thing that could have changed that, could have made things better for us all around, was ripped out from under us the other day. I wish that I could go into further detail, but I cannot at this time. :(

      Thank you for hoping for us. Right now I am too sad to hope on my own. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed day.


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