11 November 2016

Children and Veteran's Day -What Kids Should Know about Veteran's Day

Please check out this post and share it with your children today - 
What Kids Should Know about Veteran's Day

Here are some fun learning activities to help children learn more about Veteran's Day:

Today is a great day to talk to kids about their freedoms and what the military does, and this free download will help.

12 page Veteran's Day freebie will help young kids learn and comprehend this important part of our country.

This Veteran's Day social studies unit is a great way to compare and contrast with Memorial Day while talking to kids about what it all means.

This is a perfect Veteran's Day activity - learn and discuss vocabulary in the word scramble.

4th-6th grade printable Veteran's Day Unit - now is an important time to talk to our kids about government, military and our freedoms.

Please be sure to thank a veteran today!  They give so much, risking their lives for our freedom,  and get so little in the way of thanks most of the time.  Be sure that they know you appreciate what they have done for you. 

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