16 October 2016

JNW's Halloween Challenge: Day 16 - Tricks

I first learned about Jennifer Nichole Wells' Halloween Challenge through Ellen at 15 and Meowing. Please click here to learn more about this challenge.

Nobody tells this story better than David, so please watch his video Alarm 4:44 to find out about our "trick"  (AKA 'payback') on a college friend.


I am also participating in OctPoWriMo over on McClendon Villa at WordPress. Please hop over there to read the poem of the day. 

Please also visit David over at Random Thoughts and Observations.

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  1. The Ex-Lax trick has been a pretty classic revenge tactic over the years and this was probably one of the better ones I've heard. Sad twist to the story at the end. What a thing to happen!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thank you, Arlee. :) That spring break party was definitely a night to remember.

      Poor Tommy. His whole family died young. His mama, his daddy, his brother, all of them were taken way too soon. He was the last survivor of his immediate family. The line ended with him. Very sad. But, at least we know he died happy, doing what he loved with the ones that he loved.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed day!


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