08 September 2016

Throwback Thursday - 8 September 2016

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Unknown Child and Date, Family Archives

Sometimes genealogy work can be very frustrating. I was given this photograph from my Grandma Spence's album while we were on death watch for my grandpa. One of my aunts, Grandma, and I were looking through her photo albums. Nobody knew the name of this adorable little girl. I am very blessed to have this photo to carry her forward as I do research, but I have no name for her.

This precious little photo was on a page with other photos that were dated in the mid-1930s. This rules out it being my grandma or her sisters, my grandpa's sisters, (all born between 1909 and 1917) as well as my mama and her sisters (all born in the 1940s). Aunt Mary, my grandpa's sister, said the little girl looked like a Pressley child to her. That tosses her back over to my grandma's family.

How would you go about getting an ID on a photograph when everyone that was alive at the time of the photograph is dead already and those remaining have absolutely no clue? Nothing is written on the back of this photograph like was done on all the others one on the page from which it came. AND, just because it was on a page with other 1930s era photographs, printed in basically the same format, does not mean that this one is from that same time period.

There have to be clues in this photograph somehow, at least about its time frame. What do you see that would offer clues to you?


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