25 August 2016

August Happiness Challenge - Day 25

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I am happy that I have discovered a source of historical newspapers online that is greatly helping me in reconstructing the stories of our ancestors.  While I am finding some sad things along the way, I am also finding moments of happiness, such as birth announcements, marriage announcements, and 50th anniversary announcements.  All of these things can be sources of more information for the family historian.  The old newspaper articles also help us to bring our ancestors to life, in a manner of speaking.  We get to learn a little more about what happened during that dash between their birth and death dates.  

I find it very exciting!

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  1. I am glad you can dig deeper into your family's history.

    1. Thank you. I love this stuff! I have also found lots of interesting articles along the way that have nothing to do with our families (that I know of), but are fascinating just the same. The old wedding announcements for well-propertied people were very detailed, right down to the kind of table cloths used, the fabric the dress & veil were made of, what the bridesmaids wore, all sorts of cool things. If one didn't have a photo of their grandma on her wedding day (I don't), one could build a pretty good picture in their head based on the detail in those old announcements. I've also read a lot lately about several land disputes ending inhomicide, which was rather interesting. Unfortunately, one of them might possibly be attached to my maternal grandma's family as the victims were a Mr. Pressley and two of his three sons. It was his grand-daughter's husband that did the killing. I don't like that people were murdered, of course, but to read these old articles and the passion with which they were written, is something that is very enjoyable to me.

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