15 August 2016

August Happiness Challenge - Day 15

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Researching our family's history makes me happy. Doing the research and actually finding something makes me ecstatic! Today is an ecstatic happy. :)

While trying to find an article about the shooting death of a son of David's 5th great-grandfather, Daniel Bird, Sr., I decided to switch gears and look up other family members that I knew to be in the Edgefield, South Carolina, area during that same time frame.

I hit pay dirt.

I found the wedding announcement of my 3rd great-grandmother, Carolina E. Walker to Mr. James F. Freeman. He was her first husband. I descended from her marriage to her second husband, Samuel Williams.

Found on Newspapers.com

This clipping is from the 22 December 1852 issue of the Edgefield Advertiser (Edgefield, South Carolina), page 2. It says that they married on the 15th tnst. From other things that I've found in my research, I assume "tnst" to mean "instant", which, in this case, would mean the current month. In other words, they were married on 15 December 1852, which was exactly a week before this paper was issued.

The only thing that would have made me happier with this find would have been for a wedding photograph to have been included with the announcement. But, that wasn't so common a thing back then as it is now.

I am very happy with this discovery!

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