13 August 2016

A Few Words About Battly

Battly had my attention from the get-go. She looked just like a little Shep, our German Shepherd/Chow mix that we had from 1996 until she crossed over Rainbow Bridge in 2008. Shep was not a puppy when we got her and was about 18 years old when she passed away.

Little Battly looked a lot like Shep to me, a mini-Shep, if you will. She was adorable and had the cutest little ears. After losing Shep, I didn't want to get attached to another dog and certainly didn't want to take another one on. But, this little girl was just the cutest thing, our Shep, in miniature.  One day our neighbors offered her and her sister Petra to our oldest daughter. She accepted them both and they've been our live-in grand-puppies ever since that day back in early 2013.  They were less than a year old when we got them.

It has been horribly hot here in this part of Texas, even inside the house with the air conditioner going. Our heat index one day was as high as 115 degrees according to the weather tracker.  And one day, according to David's calculations, it reached as high as 123 degrees (heat index). We had fans going and kept them watered.  We did our best to keep them cool.

It wasn't enough.

Our sweet little Battly passed away last night of heat exhaustion. She will be missed.

Battly, 16 December 2012 - 13 August 2016

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful girl.

    1. Thank you, Ellen. She was beautiful and so very sweet. I loved playing with her ears, so soft. Now, little Petra misses her sister and is very confused and keeps crying.

      While they were outside dogs when we first got them, they have been inside dogs for a couple of years now and this still happened. I can only imagine how horrible it is for dogs having to stay out there in this heat with no shade or rest from the heat and no one putting water out for them.

      Thank you again. Have a blessed day.


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