22 July 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins

This is a fun meme co-hosted by McGuffy's Reader and 15 and Meowing. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Friendly Fill-Ins Week 11

1. I wish I could afford to hire someone to _________________________.

I wish I could afford to hire someone to go buy our groceries for us so that we didn't have to leave the house in this heat!

2. Zucchini ____________________________________________.

Zucchini is a big part of my favorite vegetable blend, which is called Normandy blend. It has zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. It is great! It would be even better if I could successfully grow these vegetables myself rather than having to buy them from a store.

3. One Summertime memory I recall is____________ .

When I was a kid, I lived outside and was almost always barefooted. There was a huge pine tree in the side yard. I was running around the tree and stepped onto a rusty nail that went into my foot, probably about an inch deep. I remember crying and pulling it out of my foot. I imagine I was taken for a tetanus shot. It seems that having fun almost always ended with a needle on the other side of it…or stitches. I was good at finding those, too.

4. This Summer,______________ . 

This summer, I want it to be winter. It is too hot out there. Have I whined enough yet about the heat?

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  1. Pretty feet. If we had someone to buy the groceries, they would probably be boogerdy.

    1. Thank you.
      No, they wouldn't be. There is a "no boogers allowed" rule, remember? :)

  2. These are great fill-ins! This heat is killing us, too. I'm just about ready for winter.

    1. Thank you. Maybe we can put in a special order and get winter NOW. Wouldn't that be great? :)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed day!

  3. Thank you for participating, great answers. I am impressed you pulled the nail out yourself, I probably would have passed out. Feel free to complain about the heat all you want, I have been doing a lot of that too. The worst part is the humidity that goes with it. I have been lucky with the groceries, our grocery store has 10 % off on Tuesday for anyone over 60, mu hubby is 62 so he does the shopping to get the discount. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you, Ellen, and thank you and Annie for making the opportunity available for us to participate. We enjoy it!

      I think me removing it was reflex. I do remember being sick to my stomach, out of fear, I guess. I knew what awaited me if I had to go to the ER or if I let mama or daddy pull it out. It would hurt a lot more coming out than it did going in if anybody else was involved!

      I'm glad your husband is able to get the discount. Are y'all able to get these discounts other places, too? We get offered senior discounts sometimes at places and have for years. The funny thing is that David is only 54. These offers started in our 40s haha.
      Thanks for commiserating on the heat. Winter won't get here fast enough!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed weekend!

  4. That was one of the things I was not a fan of when we lived in PA - the heat! Makes any kind of shopping not a pleasant experience! :)

    Apparently I need to give zucchini another chance...so much love for the zucchini today! LOL!

    You sound like me when I was a kid - always outside, and always barefoot...your rusty nail was my first bee sting. ;) My daughter is anti-shoes as well. Best way to spend the summer, barefoot! :)

    My favorite season is fall and winter, because I'm not a fan of it being too hot. You can always layer for warmth, but when it's hot you can only take so many clothes off! :)

    1. Definitely! When it is this hot, it is best just to stay at home inside the house!

      Yes, you should give zucchini another chance. It's great...the same with Brussels sprouts. :)

      I agree. Barefoot is the best way to spend summer, but not necessarily the safest for our feet, that's for sure. :)

      I feel exactly the same way. There's only so much we can legally take off and not get arrested. I have never seen anyone get arrested for wearing too many clothes. That would be a first!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend!

  5. I totally agree with #1! In larger cities WalMart is now providing a service where you can order online, then just drive by and pick them up at the door, my daughter has done it in Nashville, no extra fee, no getting out of the car or waiting in store lines! Stepping on that nail doesn't sound very fun. I agree about summer, I like Spring and Fall so much better than blazing hot days.

    1. That sounds like a great idea, not having to get out of the car at the Walmart. Ours would find some way to make it a bad experience. I about had to throw a fit just to get my yarn from the site-to-store people. I'm glad it is working for your daughter. That is great!

      Stepping on that nail wasn't fun, for sure. It still didn't keep me from going outside barefooted, though. I still don't like wearing shoes. Most of the time I just wear my sandals.

      What are Spring and Fall like in your area? Do you get the leaf color changes in the fall? We don't really get that here.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend!

  6. As a kid, I was always getting myself in predicaments. I cut my tongue one time, got a spring stuck between my teeth another time, cut my knee on sharp, freshly cut metal once...yes, playtime often ended in a bloody showdown between me and fun.

    I agree...it is too HOT! Hugs, mt friend.
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~

    1. Wow, it sounds like you had a pretty adventurous childhood, too. :) How did you cut your tongue?

      I split that part of the tongue that holds it down in front with my toothbrush awhile back. My hand twitched while I was brushing, and whacked it pretty good. It bled something fierce and hurt like you wouldn't believe...or, maybe you would. :)

      Here's to cooler weather for all of us in the too hot places!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed week!


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