02 July 2016

Free Christian Books via Tyndale Rewards


On June 17, I ordered three books from the Tyndale Rewards Program that I got completely free, just using points earned. Points are earned for answering their surveys and also for sharing their program with book lovers like all of you. You can also earn points for reviewing their books. 

Here are the three books that I ordered:

  • Blessing Your Grown Children by Debra Evans
  • You're Stronger Than You Think by Dr. Les Parrott
  • Love With All Your Heart by Fran Sciacca

For each of you that enrolls in this great free program using my link, I will receive 10 points to help me earn more free books. And, when you sign up, you start off with 25 points towards your first free book. Doesn't that sound great? What is better than free books? 

Here's the link:  Tyndale Rewards

Thank you in advance for support of our book addiction.  :)

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