24 June 2016

The Stop Sign Accident

Laynie, 1993
Way back in the fall of 1992, various parts of our family were working on the campaign for a man running for the state Senate in South Carolina. We only had two children at the time and, while the oldest child was at school, the baby child (almost 2 years old) and I went to work on the campaign. She was a good baby and I could do things like that with her.

We stayed at campaign headquarters for a few hours doing whatever needed to be done. We needed to be back home before Jared got out of school, so little Laynie and I headed back home. At the last intersection before our driveway, cross traffic had a stop sign. Our road did not. A man drove right on by the stop sign, without stopping, right into the intersection. He later told the police officer, "I stopped, but kept going." Oooookay.

The baby was in the car with me, in the back seat, but on the passenger side in her car seat. When he came through the stop sign, he hit our car on the passenger side, throwing us across the road down into a ditch and up the other side into a fence post at the boundary of a cow pasture. The front of the car was smooshed in so much that I couldn't even get the keys out of the ignition. Our car was totaled. It was a goner, but thankfully Laynie and I survived it.

She was screaming her head off and I was terrified of what I would find when I turned to look back at her. Of course, I did look, but I was afraid that she had been decapitated or something. Illogical, because she was crying, but we'd already had a near-decapitation in an accident that David had during Hurricane Hugo when our oldest son was 3 years old. I will leave that story for him to tell. I crawled back into her seat to check on her and retrieve her. I was scared the car was going to explode or something like they always do on television. While I was trying to get her out of the car, the man driving the car that hit me came over to ask if we were alright. I lit into him but good! "DO I LOOK LIKE I'M ALRIGHT TO YOU?" Who knows what else I said to him, but I'm sure it wasn't pretty.

We were within sight of our driveway when this wreck happened. My parents and sister lived on the same property. My sister was coming home and nearly had a heart attack seeing our car smashed up like that. A few weeks later, I saw this same man driving down the road while we were having to walk (with the children) to a grocery store and everywhere else unless we could get a ride, his car working fine. It made me so mad. He ran the stop sign, yet he still had a car to drive. He broke the law, and I and my daughter paid for it in regards to physical and emotional trauma. Our family paid for it in that we no longer had a car. His careless, irresponsible driving took our independence and freedom for that moment in our lives.

Heavenly Father was with us that day for sure. It could have been so much worse.

Our candidate won, by the way.


  1. So traumatic! Thanks be to God for getting the two of you through it safe and sound. This was just about the time they were starting to clamp down on having insurance in Texas. That man should have had a policy that would have given you other transportation. I pray every day that Jesus will put his hands around my car and me and keep us safe. And that He will not let me make some stupid mistake that will harm someone else.

    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Hi Barbara!

      Yes, it was very scary and we are grateful that Heavenly Father brought us through that time in our lives.

      The man had insurance but, if I remember correctly, it was with the same company that we had ours with. This was in South Carolina. There was some freaky conflict that I didn't understand then, nor will I ever, and, pretty much we got ripped off in the end. I was forced to sign a settlement that I didn't agree with, but was faced with years of fighting if I didn't. I'm still in pain in the ribs that rammed into the door handle and then the steering wheel. If nothing else, he should have had to let us have HIS car until we had our own transportation again. Maybe if he had to do without a car for awhile, he would learn to stop at stop signs.

      I shudder to think how much worse this would have been at the higher speeds here in Texas. The speed limit on the road where we had the accident(which was a secondary road) was only 35mph. Out here, the same secondary road would have been 60 or 65mph. We would not have survived and that fence post likely would have gone right through me, or worse, through Laynie.

      I pray that Heavenly Father will always keep you and your family safe as you're on the road.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed weekend!


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