04 May 2016

What a Day!

What a Day!

David and I usually do our Walmart trips in the middle of the night or very, very early morning. He is almost assured of getting a handicap cart that time of night. It is almost impossibility in the daytime hours.

We were there around 4 this morning. Standard operating procedure is I drive and I use my keys to drive. It's just one of my quirks and I am a horrible, rotten, no good, very bad passenger. Really, just ask David and anyone else that has had the pleasure experience of driving me anywhere. When we get to the Walmart, David always takes my keys and puts them in his pocket so that I don't mislay and lose them. This morning was no different. He took them as we walked through the entry doors. That was the last time I saw them.

We finished our purchase of non-food items and phone cards. We do our food purchases separately because a human cashier has to check out the phone cards and I don't want boogerty hands on our food. We took our non-food items to the car and re-entered the store to buy our groceries.

After going through the self-checkout with our groceries, we headed for the car. David reached into his pocket to hand me my keys so that I could get the car unlocked. He didn't have my keys. I knew that I didn't have them because he had taken them. I didn't take my pocketbook into the store, so they weren't in there, and I have no pockets on my pants, so they couldn't have been in there.

We finished loading the bags into the car. David suggested that the keys could have been accidentally put into one of the bags, so we looked through them. However, I was the one that bagged most of the groceries and I did not have my keys, so I couldn't have dropped them into a bag. He only loaded one bag and the keys were not in there. We finished loading the car and went back into the store, where we walked and we walked and we walked around the whole store about 20 million times. We asked every employee that we saw if they had seen my keys. We told them there was a big Ford remote-type key and there was a little Minion toy hanging on the keychain. No one had seen them, but one of the night crew had a group of people stop what they were doing and start looking for my keys. That was very nice and totally unexpected, I'll tell you! We couldn't have complained at all about their helpfulness this morning. It was great.

Still, no keys. About 20 zillion more trips around the store and we decided to take the groceries on home before everything thawed out and then come back to the store. We made it back to Walmart right at 7am, which is when customer service opens. They hadn't seen them. We gave just about every employee a description of my keys, just in case they didn't remember from the first hundred times that I had done that, and a business card so that they could call us if they did happen to find them. We left the store to head back to the car.

We unlocked the car using David's keys (Zoomie said, "What happened to Mommy's keys?!") I don't know what made me check my pocketbook, but I reached in and there was my Minion with my keys in tow. How they got into my pocketbook is anybody's guess as neither of us had gone to that part of the car after we had initially gotten to the Walmart and my keys had gone into the store with us.

We'll be scratching our heads a long time over this one. I'm sure the Walmart workers think I'm nuts. But, oh well, why should they be any different than anybody else?


  1. Hum?! A true mystery. I hate when stupid things like that make me go through all kinds of extra motions! I once mistakenly thought my debit card had been compromised, so I called and canceled it, only to find out thirty minutes later it hadn't been compromised. But it was too late, my card was canceled and I had to wait two weeks to get a new one!
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Oh how frustrating! And that two weeks probably felt like 2 years, too. I'm glad that your card wasn't really compromised, but sorry you had to wait for a new one.

      I've been hurting ever since then. When I left the store, I could barely walk, my hips and knees were burning something fierce. I'm too old for this kind of walking, I think. haha

      Have a blessed Mother's Day!


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