18 April 2016

O is for Ott, Sgt. Doy Willis


Doy Ott was born 28 April 1919 in the state of Oklahoma. He served as a Sargent  in US Army in World War II.

His first music-related jobs were as the accompanist to various Southern Gospel Music groups such as The Rangers and the Homeland Harmony Quartet. He joined The Statesmen Quartet in 1951 as the piano player while Hovie did his duty for our country in the Korean War. Doy replaced Bervin Kendrick as the baritone once Hovie came back from service.

Doy was also an arranger and composer. One of the songs to his credit is "Wait for Me". It was written when his first wife died.

Wait for Me

Doy is one of the more reserved of The Statesmen Quartet, in my opinion. Both he and Denver Crumpler are refined and dignified. The other guys are goofballs at times and Hovie is a bit manic (but in a good way!). Doy and Denver are as steady as they come, regardless of what the others are up to.

Doy suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was in a coma for four years before he died on 6 November 1986. He is buried in Roswell, Georgia.

One of These Mornings

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Wikipedia - The Statesmen


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