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16 April 2016

N is for It is No Secret


Jake Hess left The Statesmen Quartet in 1963 to form his own group, The Imperials. The original Imperials were: Jake Hess, lead; Sherrill Neilsen, tenor: Gary McSpadden, baritone; and Armond Morales, bass. The pianist was Henry Slaughter.

If you've noticed Jake in the other videos, he looks very happy, very peppy. I think they all look very sad in this video, including Jake.

David and I often wonder what drove him to leave The Statesmen Quartet. He did this several times, as we understand it.

It is No Secret


Wikipedia - The Imperials
Wikipedia - The Statesmen Quartet


  1. Suzanne, I think it's the mood of the song that sets their expressions mainly, but then again they might be thinking about their old bud who left the group. This is a beautiful song. It really is no secret what God can do. I've seen His handiwork many times in my life and I know He will help anytime I call upon Him.

    1. That could be the case. It just had such a different feel from other things I've seen with Jake.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Cathy. We are so blessed to have a Heavenly Father that hears us and is there for us.

      Have a blessed day!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Denise. Have a blessed day!


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