02 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment: Flowers, Socy, and Marines

I started off the day by taking our youngest daughter to the local college. I was going to take a picture of their beautiful yellow roses to share with you, but they were gone, as were the pink roses that I saw the other day. The landscaping crew there stays pretty busy, always changing things around. It is a really pretty campus.

Socrates, a really sweet cat! ©2014
When I got home, I tried to photograph some of the little flowers around our yard. Condensation was a real issue and I didn't have the time or energy to sit out there for 20 minutes in the high humidity to let the camera lens acclimate to it all. So, I just shot anyway. While I was shooting the flowers, our kitty Socrates came to be my second shooter. She is a sweet little helper and I took a couple of pictures of her.

It is 2pm and we're still waiting for David, Jr. to call us. He'll be home soon!

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