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24 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment - Sinuses and Slow-cookers

24 October 2014

Laynie's appointment went well. The doctor wasn't really concerned about her scratched cornea. He said that it looked like the ointment was doing what it was supposed to be doing and it looked good. Otherwise, she has sinusitis and has a prescription to take care of that. Her voice is coming back already, thank goodness!

Mags seems to be doing better, just still very congested.

David and I are still nursing our own brand of ick, but it will end eventually. This time of year is always hard on the two of us due to allergies.

We ran what felt like a few hundred errands and then were finally able to come home and chill. There are no plans for doing anything outside of our house tomorrow. YAYAY! Finally a day of rest!

To aid in that day of rest, I have put our slow cooker to use, finally. I made ranch potatoes and will leave them to cook overnight.


  1. Glad everyone is doing better.

    1. Thanks, Denise. I think that we're on the mend now.

      Have a blessed day!


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