04 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment: He's Home!

4 October 2014

He's home!

We made it home sometime between 11pm and 12am. We were beginning to think that we would never meet up with David, Jr. The original plan had been to meet him inside the terminal at the ticket counter. However, since those plans were made, David, Sr., blew out his foot and cannot walk. Our only choice was to drive through the terminal pickup/drop-off line and hope to find him in the crowds of people waiting out there.

David…I call him "Davey"…wasn't allowed to have his telephone with him during boot camp, so we had no way to contact him. Our oldest son Jared and his wife Adasha were able to attend his Family Day and Graduation Day. We asked them to pass the message of the change of plans to Davey. They didn't get the message in time to tell him before they dropped him off at the airport.

Thankfully, there were other Marines at the airport and he was able to borrow someone's phone to contact us. We went around that airport I don't know how many times trying to connect with him. The first time through, we ended up driving through the terminal parking lot, but not parking. We went to the gate where you pay for parking and I told the woman that all we did was drive through and not park. She got out of her booth and wrote down our tag number and made a phone call. Then, she let us leave, first giving us directions to get back to the terminal queue. We drove through several more times and then I saw a white cap. I told David, "I saw a white cap! Would Davey have a white cap?" He said that he didn't think so. We both thought only officers had the white caps like that. Davey had asked for us to wave as we drove through the pickup area so that we would stand out to him, so we did that. Problem was other folks were waving out of their cars, too. Finally, he saw us and we saw that it was him. The security dude waved Davey over to us and I got what was probably one of the biggest hugs of my life.

We are so proud of our Marine and so very glad to have him home!


  1. So glad Davey is home. I have started a meme called Memory Monday and hope you will join in. I am Heather's mother from Acting balanced and she is giving up her Monday quiz.

    1. Thank you. I am very glad to have him home...just wish that he was staying home. I don't know if my heart can take him being gone for four years. And if he chooses to make a career of this...well, then, I think my heart will explode.

      Thanks for letting me know about your Memory Monday. I will check it out. Have a great night!


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