26 July 2014

52 Ancestors: Philadelphia Isabella Evatt Pressley

     Philadelphia Isabella Evatt Pressley was my maternal grandmother's paternal grandmother and my second great-grandmother. She was married to Richard Simpson Pressley, who was a Confederate veteran and a bounty hunter during the late war. She was born 8 February 1851 and died 9 March 1944. My mama was 5 days old when her great-grandmother died.

     Delphia, as I refer to her, was more than "just" a wife and mother, though that would have been a full life. I've heard that she had about thirteen children! She was also a postmaster. I just discovered this bit of information today after reading the Ancestry.com blog. The post office records are available to learn about the postmasters throughout the United States. Grandma Delphia Pressley was the postmaster of Hickory Flat, Anderson County, South Carolina from 7 May 1883 until 16 June 1888 when John A. Mullinnix took over the job.

     THIS is the kind of dash-filling information that I have been looking for! I have pages and pages of birth and death dates, but not so much in the way of my ancestors' stories. This information gives me a brief glimpse into the life of a woman who bore many children, lived through at least three wars, and lived to a ripe old age of 93. I am very excited to learn this new bit of information about her!

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