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03 April 2014

A to Z April Challenge: C is for Cats

Over the course of my life, there have been many cats that won my heart, starting with Calico. No matter where David and I have lived, our house had been adopted as the Kitty Kool-aid house. They flock to us and they find food and shelter. This post will list some of the kitties that have we have loved along the way, though there are many, many more who have left their paw prints on our hearts.

Jadis was a very special kitty. She was always the first one to greet me as I got ready to take the kids to school and the one to greet me when I came back home. If I was outside, she was right there with me keeping me company. The morning that I found her dead in the road was one of the hardest mornings of my life in regards to our pets. That first morning afterwards, when she was no longer there to greet me, I felt so incredibly lost and alone. Here is my Jadis:

Wes was another very special little kitty. He was such a regal little thing and very friendly. He liked to sit in the nook of the tree, overseeing his kingdom. He was one of several kitties that just disappeared without a trace. Here is my Wes:

Then there's Leica, whom David called "Alagonquin". He was David's special kitty, his buddy. He was to David like Jadis was to me, always there and ready for a twirl around the legs and a nuzzle on the neck. We found him one morning lying like he had fallen from our roof or the tree branch. There were no marks to indicate foul play or anything like that. This really broke David's heart. He loved his furry little friend, as did the rest of us. Here is Leica/Alagonquin:

Have there been any special animals in your life? Tell me about them in the comment section. I would love to hear about them!


  1. The pics are lovely, although it's so sad to know that they're no longer with you. I must have had a dozen cats over the years. The sadness I felt at their passing built up until no matter how much I adore cats and want one -- I just can't take getting another. Too much heartbreak.
    (new follower)
    Lexa Cain’s Blog

    1. I understand completely. Once the ones we have are gone, I would rather not have any more either. It is just too hard to say good-bye and we're having to deal with too many good-byes these days.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Denise. I agree with you. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week.

  3. I had never considered myself to be a cat person, I preferred dogs. But somehow I found myself taking care of a kitten "for a few days" that turned into over 17 years. That cat, who always remained "kitty" to me was a lover cat and wanted to be with me following me wherever I went. His purring was the best. He would come get up on my shoulder/ neck/chest area when I was sitting and just purr away. I was going through a divorce and he kept me from being lonely and feeling unloved at the time. Through the 17 years I had him he drove me crazy. I hated him and I loved him. Just like a family member. It was a sad day when he died and I still miss the fellow. Thanks for sharing your kittties with me and letting me share mine with you.

    Mary at The View from my World

    1. It is amazing how those few days often turn into a lifetime, isn't it? I find their purrs to be very calming. I am glad this little kitty was sent your way to help you through a difficult time. Thank you for sharing him with me, too.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week.


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