18 March 2014

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 2014: #10

Everyday Ruralty


What are your favorite condiments?

I really like Ken's Ranch and Buttermilk Ranch salad dressing. David LOVES Duke's Mayonnaise.

What are you reading?

David and I have been reading War and Peace since I got out of the hospital in October 2010. He has been reading it aloud for us. We're finally at 92% and have hopes of being done with it before our 4th anniversary of beginning it!

What was the last dessert you had?

I don't know what it was called, but it was really yummy. It was part of the Catholic church fish fry dinner we got two weeks ago. It was chocolate and coconut and some kind of cream and I could have eaten a whole lot more of it than what they gave me. Of course, I wouldn't NEED to eat that much, but I sure would have enjoyed it!

Wendell would like to know if you would build him a snowman. (If you don't have snow, just pretend. He's not detail oriented.)

Sure, how about a carrotman instead? That might be more doable around here since snow is a extreme rarity in these parts.

Tell me something fun or interesting.

It probably won't interest anybody but me, but I asked for a rain-check for the first time today. CVS has two types of Crest toothpaste for $4.99 each and they are offering $4 Extra Care Bucks on them. Plus, we have $1 off coupons for the toothpaste. Taking into account the coupon and the ECB, the toothpaste will effectively be free. Of course, these were the two types of toothpaste that they were completely out of. The book that I just finished reading "Pick Another Lane at the Checkout, Honey" told about CVS and their rain-check policy and that I would still be able to get the Extra Care Bucks (ECB) even when the sale is over if I had a rain-check. So, you bet I asked for them!

We're slowly but surely getting this couponing thing figured out. We now have enough toilet paper to last us for a couple of months at least and laundry detergent for the next 6 months or so. I don't know what our next stock up item will be, but I look forward to figuring that out.

Another thing is that I've started another blog. You may recall that awhile back I said I was working on a project. Using WordPress for it didn't work out for me (yet), so I decided to just go ahead and put it on Blogger. It is a crochet and knitting blog, still pretty bare bones at the moment. I plan to customize the template eventually, but right now it is really simple. Please check it out at: P.S. Annie's Grannies!


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