07 January 2014

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 2014: #2

Everyday Ruralty


How much baking did you do before and after Christmas? Do you get more inspired to bake when the temps are cooler?

For now, our son is the baker in the house and I don't remember us baking anything before or after Christmas aside from the oldest daughter's birthday cake. I'm inspired to bake no matter the temperatures. I just haven't had the energy to do it lately.

Do you have any food intolerances or allergies?

Yes! If it is something that anyone is supposed to be able to consume, my body doesn't like it. That includes air and water. OY! Most things, at the very least, make me sneeze. Other things give me a rash or bathroom issues. Cashews make my lips swell up really huge, break open, and get all stinky after years of being able to eat them without even a sniffle. And then there's the lovelies that give me an anaphylactic response. The most severe food-related anaphylactic response that I've had was back in 2006. I ate kiwi and stopped breathing. Somehow, although I was alone as far as humans are concerned, I did not panic. I prayed and Heavenly Father was here with me. He helped me to stay calm and start breathing again. I had what I feel must have been a stroke soon after. That is when my memory issues started.

When was the last time you were in a restaurant?

If you're meaning a *real* restaurant, it has probably been about six months. For fast food/fast casual it has been relatively recent. We audit them on occasion for various companies.

What's your favorite accent(speech)?

I like many different accents, but my most favorite are those of the Irish and Scottish languages.

My favorite__________is__________.

My favorite thing to watch with David these days is the old television series Dark Shadows with Jonathan Frid and Joan Bennett. It started in 1966 and went, I think, until 1971. I was born in 1965 and have no recollection of its original run. I don't even know if my parents had a television at that time. We are able to watch it on DVDs that we get from Netflix. The entire series, over 1000 episodes, is available as a DVD collection - Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series (Deluxe Edition) - on Amazon. There is also a wiki page for the series with lots of interesting information: Dark Shadows.

Disclosure: The link to the Dark Shadows DVD collection at Amazon is an affiliate link. Your purchase of this product will financially benefit our family. Thank you for your support!


  1. I remember the Dark Shadows series. I watched the old re-runs when I was a kid and recently I found it on Netflix. Unfortunately, they don't have the complete series. I keep waiting for them to put the last episodes on, but they haven't yet. I got as far as where Vicky is transported back in time before Barnabas was changed. I would love to see how it all ends. Yikes, you have some really serious allergies. I am so thankful that I do not have to worry about my few allergies like you do. Be careful always, my friend!

    1. We were watching the series with Netflix streaming, and they stopped airing them on January 1 because they lost the rights to show them. Thankfully, they still have the DVDs, but not for all of the episodes. There is a collection for the beginning of the series and one toward the middle of its run that aren't available at this time on DVD, but the rest are. I hope that they will get them as well as renegotiate the streaming contract. As far as the episodes we were watching via Netflix streaming before they stopped having them, we got up to the point where Barnabus was wanting to kill Maggie, David, and Julia and was planning to kill Burke so that he could get to Vicky. It was a few episodes past the time that David was missing and Barnabus found him leaving the mausoleum and was not going to take him back to Collinwood, but to the old house instead.

      We started watching them with episode 210 and got a ways into it when we decided maybe we needed to see the beginning so that things they kept referencing would make sense. For awhile there, we were going back and forth between the beginning and continuing beyond 210. It got confusing! We're enjoying it. We also saw the House of Dark Shadows movie from 1970. It was pretty stupid compared to the TV series.

      Be sure to write or call Netflix and let them know how much you want them to have it available again. Maybe if all of us that want to see it do that, it will make a difference in them being able to renegotiate their rights to show it via streaming. They own the DVDs outright, so no problem with getting those except for the missing collections.

      Yep, my allergies make every time I eat a game of roulette, but so far I'm still alive. I am thankful, too, that you don't have a bunch of allergies. What is the most frustrating about it is that things that never caused me a problem before have started causing me problems. I used to be able to eat cashews non-stop and they are my favorite nut. Now, I can't even eat one. If I want to use most of the vegan recipes that I've found, I'm going to have to find a different nut that I can use instead because most of those recipes seem to include cashews. :/

      Sorry to talk your ears...err, eyes off here! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week!

  2. I had not realized until that Netflix removed Dark Shadows. I had it in My List to see if new episodes would get added, but I guess I didn't notice when it vanished. I did watch it from the beginning to the end (or Netflix's end). That's when I began to snoop around on the internet and figured out that Netflix didn't have the entire series on streaming. I will definitely shoot them an email requesting that they not only bring back what they had, but to try to get the rest. I am not going to buy the series on DVD. It's just too expensive!

    1. Thankfully, buying the series on DVD through Amazon isn't our only option. You can get them on DVD from Netflix, though like I mentioned before, there are two sets of episodes that aren't available. We can't afford to buy the DVDs right now either, so we're getting the DVDs from Netflix and sending them back as soon as we're done with them so that the next one gets here quickly.

      The last episode that we saw from the beginning of the series was the one where Josette first spoke through Vicky when Dr. Guthrie was there. We don't know what happens next, so we have to wait until Monday before the next DVD gets here. OY!

      Aren't we blessed to live in a time where we still have the chance to see them rather than like back then where if they missed it, they were just out of luck?

      I am glad that Netflix at least has the DVDs for rental. Stopping shows cold turkey is no fun at all, especially when you know you're missing some exciting stuff!

      Have a great weekend!

  3. Loved your answers. I am pretty new to the Farmhouse Chat. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for stopping by here, too. I appreciate your kind comment.

      I hope that you will enjoy the Farmhouse Chat as much as I have. Patrice is a really nice lady and her horse Wendell if a funny fellow. :)

      Have a great week!


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