20 September 2013

Scary Moments

Today had a few events that I totally was not prepared for. They were scary!

It has been storming here off and on for maybe a week, I guess. Today was no different. On the way to pick our son up from class, I had to pass a few power poles. Just as I approached one of them, a puff of fire burst out from the top of it and it was like a rain of sparks coming down on the car. It didn't stop there. Although I didn't see another big flame, there was popping coming out of each pole up the line, one right after another. My visibility was rather bad with all of the grayness and rain, so I couldn't see if there was a car in the left-hand lane. I wanted to get out of the right-hand lane to hopefully avoid a fire ball landing on me! I couldn't see anyone there, so I took the chance and blindly changed lanes. Thankfully, that move was uneventful.

The safety folks (firemen and cops) responded quickly and were on their way before I even got to the school and had the road blocked off by the time we got to the area of the scene on our way back. Power was unstable at the school. I have no clue how long the surrounding neighborhood may have gone without power. Thankfully, we didn't lose power in our neighborhood.

The next scary thing was this evening. It had been raining, as previously mentioned, and these roads sometimes hold onto the water pretty good. David and I had been on an errand for a friend and were on our way back home. A car in the opposing lane drove by us and splashed a ton of water onto us and startled me. Then, just as we were entering the bridge, a bigger vehicle came by and splashed us with such force that it moved our car over so far that we thought we were going to go over the side of the bridge into the river. Anybody that knows me knows that I've battled the fear of bridges for a very long time. I pretty much conquered that fear with Heavenly Father's help, but this incident did not encourage me to be unafraid of bridges. It is one of my worst fears that I will somehow drive off of a bridge into the water and drown, trapped in the car.

As the cashier at Dollar General said, "At least you made it." Yes, thanks to Him, we made it!


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    1. I am thankful that He protected us and continues to protect us each day.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed week!


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