28 September 2013

Saturday Stories: First Haircuts

First haircut, J.P. McClendon, 18 June 1988

We have two sons and have been through two first haircuts. Both of our sons had their first haircuts at McComb's Barber Shop in Anderson, South Carolina.

Both times were traumatic for me, but the first haircut of our youngest son was the worst. I cried to see those beautiful curls falling to the floor. I absolutely did not want it to be done, regardless of the fact that it was getting to the point people thought he was a pretty little girl. The youngest son's first haircut was his last haircut from Mr. Arthur McComb because soon afterwards, Mr. McComb passed away. While I still wish that we hadn't had those curls cut off, I am glad that his first haircut was done by such a sweet man.

Beautiful curls, D.McClendon, 9 September 1995.
J.P. McClendon, 18 June 1988
I have been able to locate the photos from our first-born's first haircut, but have not located any for our second son. We know we had to have taken them because it was such a big moment, but I cannot find them. So, the pictures in this post are of our #1 son during and just after his haircut and of our second-born with his beautiful curls still intact.

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