20 August 2013

#Gratitude Challenge Day 6

This is a 14-day gratitude challenge. You can read more about it here: Personal Excellence.

Day 6: Give Thanks for Your Life

I am thankful for the life that I have been given. It was a miracle from the start. My mother had various issues that could have caused her not to conceive and/or not carry me to term. I was a month early, but not due to these health issues. She fell in a hole while on a walk with her also-pregnant sister.

The second thing that happened that could have taken my life was the tremendous spike in her blood pressure as she was giving birth to me. She passed out and, as I understand it, high blood pressure in the mama does no favors for the baby either.

The third thing that could have ended my life was an extreme anaphylactic reponse to penicillin given to me because of the bronchitis that I was born with. Mama and I had to stay in the hospital for two weeks.

The next eighteen or so years were full of many upsets and trials fully on my parents' ticket, but also plenty brought on by my own sassy, smart mouth. There were plenty of not being able to sit down moments because of that.

However, I am thankful for the parents that I was given because in their own way, they were teaching me lessons that I would need to survive life as an adult (although not necessarily in the best way!). They were fulfilling Heavenly Father's plans for my life and helping me to get to where He intends for me to be. There were plenty of hurts and some that I may never get over, but I am thankful that He allowed me to survive my newborn moments as well as those that came afterward.

That being said, I am quite ready to go on to whatever He has planned for me after this earthly life.

Daily Journaling: Three Things I am Thankful for Today

1. I am thankful for parents that did not desert me during my mouthy years.
2. I am thankful for grandparents that were there for me and loved me anyway.
3. I am thankful for Granny's spunk and fiery spirit that taught me how to be a survivor.


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