04 June 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 2013: #23

Everyday Ruralty


When it comes to vegetables, which do you use more often- canned, frozen, or fresh?

We use fresh and frozen the most. We haven't bought canned veggies for our own consumption in a very long time. The theater department was doing a food drive this past semester and we bought canned veggies for that because they needed non-perishables.

Do you sew?

I can sew, but I haven't done it in eons. I have been spending a lot of time crocheting over the last several weeks.

Do you have a common fear, such as the fear of heights, spiders, snakes, small spaces, flying, etc?

15 June 2009, Wharton, Texas

I am claustrophobic and I am terrified to be in a car on a mountain, especially if I happen to be a passenger instead of the driver. I am not afraid of the height of a mountain. The views are absolutely beautiful. It is just the whole thought of the car being sent careening off the mountain that is a problem. I am not afraid of snakes; I photograph them. I am not afraid of spiders; I flatten 'em. I used to have my hubby put them outside, but then they started biting me, so game on.

Is there anything you recommend for cutting the grocery bill?

The most certain way is to stop eating, but I have no plans of doing that. Folks tell me that growing our own food would decrease the food bill. It certainly would give us more control over what we are consuming in the way of pesticides and other chemical crap. I am also told that cooking from scratch rather than depending so much on processed foods will also greatly reduce the food bill AND be healthier for us overall. I believe all of these things to be true and can't wait until I have a yard that will work for growing a garden.

Tell me about something that made you happy over the past week.

I finished two of the three books that I was reading and only have ten pages to go in the third one. YAYAY! Goodreads finally quit telling me that I was a book behind in my challenge. :)


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    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Leslie! I've already added another book to my "currently reading" list since I'm so close to finishing the one. I think that I'll break from the computer for now to knock out those ten pages.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week!

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    1. Thank you, Denise! I appreciate so much your dedication to responding to my posts. They always make me smile. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a wonderful week!

  3. I don't have a garden but I try to get fresh veggies at the local farmers markets. The prices are not bad and you know the food is fresh and hasn't travelled half way around the world before I eat it.

    1. And, in many cases, one might personally know the farmer. That is a good thing. We sometimes go to the farmer's market here, but more often than not, we go directly to the farmer's house and buy it from him there.

      It would be nice to know where all of our food comes from and everything it was actually exposed to before we eat it.

      Enjoy that farmer's market. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week!

  4. Had to laugh at the "game on" comment with spiders. I hate to be bit by spiders. I would love to know how you are doing with your writing prompts book. I hope you are doing very well with it.

    1. I'm glad that I made you laugh. :) I don't like getting bitten by them either. I seem to be a spider magnet, though. In the summer of 2011, I got bitten by what was apparently a recluse and it opened me up really good. I didn't go to the doctor about it. We treated it here and it healed up ok. It left a scar, but that's ok. At least it didn't kill me, though I did feel like I was dying there for awhile.

      I still have a ways to go on the prompts book. Being sick the last week or so has kept me from being able to think of anything to add. I'm also going through my images trying to decide which ones to add for the image prompts and through some of my poems for the poetic prompts. This is taking a lot longer than I imagined it would when I first decided to do it. Thanks so much for your encouragement and asking about it!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting and for having the porch chats. Have a great week!


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