12 April 2013

The Holocaust Was Okay, Right?


And neither is the one going on in America today. What holocaust, you ask? I am talking about the one that has been 'legal' since 1973 in the United States. The rampant ripping, burning, and mutilation of babies right out of their mothers' wombs. This is happening not just during the legal time frame for an abortion, but even up to the time of birth. In the case of an abortion doctor that I just read about, he killed them even after they were born, doing horrible, torturous things to these poor little babies.

I am anti-abortion. I am pro-choice...the choice being for life. I am pro-death penalty, especially for those that are murderers for hire. They made the choice to kill; the babies have had no say, no choice in anything. They didn't choose to be conceived nor did they choose to die. You may think that my anti-abortion and pro-death penalty beliefs are in contradiction to each other, but they are not. Yes, all life is sacred, from newly conceived on up to people that are so old that they can't even remember their birth date. My choice for the death penalty has to do with responsibility for one's actions. If a person chooses to commit a crime, they should realize there will be consequences for that crime. In some cases, the consequence is death. An unborn baby is incapable of a crime or a choice of any sort, so why should they be put to death, just because they are small and weak and unable to voice an opinion?

I can't fathom anyone with a child of their own, reading what this man (and I use that term loosely!) did to these babies, not going into an outrage if someone did the same to their children. It is no different, a death because the mother chose to abort is no less a death. And, in the case of this man, clearly torture, depraved indifference, and murder, not just a simple death.

I am rambling now. This is a very emotional subject for me and many others. Please go visit The Humbled Homemaker.  She says what I feel way better than I ever could. Thank you!

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