26 March 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 2013: #13

Hi! It is time for another fun time at Chats on the Farmhouse Porch over at Patrice's blog. Please click the button below to join the fun. Also, please notice the new tab at the top of this page. Assuming that I added the coding correctly, each day there will be a new devotional available for you to read when you click that tab.
Everyday Ruralty
Now, on to this week's chat! Please be sure to also click the links to the blogs of the people that donated the questions. Thanks!

Melanie asks "What kinds of seafood have you tried and liked? What is the most unique seafood you've eaten? 

I love, love shrimp! I really enjoy catfish. I also like perch and langastinos (OK, I don't know how to spell it!) and deviled crab.

Anne says, "An unforgettable holiday moment is_____________________. (She's on the other side of that BIG pond. I believe a holiday is a vacation on this side.)

A vacation moment that stands out in my mind is the "vacation" that we had when we had to evacuate for Hurricane Rita in 2005. We ended up staying in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the majority of the time, but we took a little detour up to Coffeyville, Kansas. It was great. The thing that I remember most involves our visit to the graveyard where the Dalton gang members were buried. My youngest son and I took pictures of our shadows. I also got a really great shot of our little girl with the wind whipping through her hair and blowing her skirt. When folks say that it is windy in Kansas, it is no lie! I think that the wind also knew where the state line was. As soon as we stepped out of the car in Kansas, we were nearly blown back to Oklahoma. :)

Arlene wants to know, "When was the last time you tried something new?" 

If we're talking about food, I have no idea. Because of my allergies, I am a bit afraid of trying new things. Hmmm Ok, would taking a picture of fog while driving 70mph on the freeway count? That was new and I did that in December.

Becky asks, "Who or what inspires you?"

My family inspires me. Not just those that are here with me, but those that lived long before me. Genealogy is my passion. Giving those that came before me a new voice, getting their stories out as I find them, sharing about them with my children and those that come afterward is important to me. Keeping them alive, honoring their memories as well as teaching my children who built them is my inspiration.

Madonna wants to know, "How did you chose the names of your children. Wendell adds,"If you don't have kids, how do you choose pet names?"

Our first son was named after my maternal grandma's daddy. Our first surviving daughter was named after my college roommate and a sweet older lady that we met on our paper route and our then-four year old son chose a name for her. Yes, she has a first name and two middle names. Our stillborn daughter, Dorian Lee, was named after the doctor that attended me at the time of her death. Our second son was named after my husband, though the intention was to name him after my late father-in-law. He and I were threatened with harm if I were to do that (by someone no longer in the family), so I took the less confrontational road and named him after his daddy. Our youngest daughter is called "Maggie" after my grandma, though her legal name is a combination of my grandma's name and my grand-aunt's name. She also has two middle names, one being an old family name and one being in honor of our second daughter, though spelled differently. We also have three other babies that are waiting in Heaven and they are named after other family members and a friend.


  1. Your passion for geneaology and family is evident in your children's names. Great Chat!

    1. Thank you!

      I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. I hope that you have a great week!

  2. i agree with you on the shrimp.

    oh, now i see why that heart keep following me ... that is wild??!
    ha. ha!! ( :

    1. Shrimp is the best. :)

      I think that the sharing heart is both cute and annoying. I can't seem to find the perfect place for it. No matter where I put it, it seems to get in the way of something. Any suggestions for the best place for it?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog. First off I will say I am praying for your uncle. Also I have been to 6 flags over georgia and carowinds but never Ghost town. I have a friend who used to go to Ghost town but I never made it. I am a genealogy buff myself.

    1. You're welcome and thank you so much for the prayers for my uncle.

      Did your friend enjoy Ghost Town? I was young enough that I was both having a blast and being scared to death every time the swing went over the edge of the mountain.

      How far back have you gone with your family tree? What has been your best or most exciting discovery?

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  4. I enjoyed reading your answers. I love shrimp! I'm down with the flu this week. Yuk! Have a blessed Easter.

    1. Thanks, Patrice. I enjoy your Porch very much. :)

      I am so sorry that you're sick. I will pray for you to be better very soon. I hope that you had a blessed Easter, too.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a great and *healthy* week!


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