28 April 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Y is for Yesterday

Our family business involves merchandising and retail consulting. Sometimes we take on jobs that really kick us in the tail. We did one of those jobs Friday night. We went into the store at 9 PM Friday and didn't leave that store until 10:05 AM Saturday.

When we first took on the job, we were told that it could take as long as twelve hours to do it. We knew it would take awhile, but we figured between the two of us that we could knock it out in half that time and still have done a better job than is usually done in this particular store. As it turns out, that was wishful thinking.

The wall that we were merchandising was sixteen feet long and seven feet high. Shelf after shelf of nail care products (pretty colors and effects!) and about two hundred hooks for hanging items had to be completely reset. Hooks broke, shelves wouldn't reattach to their backers, and pretty much anything that could go wrong did go wrong. In one instance, a worker was going to help us locate the needed hooks to replace the broken ones, but his manager got onto him for doing so. She told him "We have a business to run; they can take care of themselves." OY!

Often, it seems as though the stores do not want help getting things done correctly. This particular business is bad about just throwing things wherever they will fit (and sometimes even if they don't fit!) and not worrying about things being in their correct location according to the shelf tags. In the instance of the shelf that wouldn't reattach, a worker went to get us a new one and never returned so the products that should have been on that shelf could not be put on display. We had to leave them in a buggy for a worker to set later. Very frustrating!

But, I think that we did a fine job. At least Siren Red is now is the Siren Red slot rather than hiding in the Pastel Pink slot.


  1. Hey sissie, I soo remember doing retail. I have stories of my own on this. What gets me most is how some businesses shelf hanging items instead of hanging them. Things that are to be hung on a peg is way more presentable hanging on the peg. I could go on and on about this. It just makes me sick to see it. And to not receive the help with getting a new shelf or anything else that was needed from the business was totally rude and very unprofessional on their end. Love u! Your lil sis, Carolee

    1. Hey there, li'l sis. I hope all of you are doing fine. Thanks so much for stopping by to read my post and comment.

      I totally agree with you that it was rude and unprofessional for them to be this way. This isn't a rarity with this particular business. They treat workers, suppliers, and vendors like trash. I was so glad for us to finally be done with that job. We're still wrecked. Even today, David can hardly walk.

      Love you, too. :)

  2. Enjoyed your write as usual, most interesting.


    1. Thanks, Yvonne, for stopping by and commenting.

      Have a great week!

  3. A job well-done is always something to be proud of. Sometimes you just wish well-done didn't take so long.

    Congratulations on finishing the A to Z challenge!

    1. That's the truth! It is generally worth it in the end, though. I say "usually" because some things just aren't worth it no matter how much they pay and this job came really close to that.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week!


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