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20 April 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge: R is for Roses

I love roses. They are one of my favorite flower types. I especially love pink ones, but love many of the other colors, too. Some of my favorites are the antique roses.
Before the drought got really bad here, I had several antique roses. I had Belinda's Dream, Archduke Charles, Graham Thomas. Belinda's Dream is a beautiful pink rose with big blooms. Archduke Charles goes through several shades from a light pink to a dark pink as it goes through its life cycle. Graham Thomas has a huge, yellow bloom. I also had a small yellow rose that was supposed to be The Republic of Texas, but I believe that it was actually the Stephen F. Austin rose. The blooms were a softer yellow than those of The Republic of Texas. Whatever it really was, it was beautiful and a little green lynx spider lived on it for a short while.

The links will take you to the Antique Rose Emporium website, which is the company that supplied the local nursery where I bought my roses.

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