19 April 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Q is for Quilting

Nothing beats snuggling under a quilt on a cold winter night. Granny Gunter was a quilter. She did everything by hand from the cutting to the piecing to the quilting. She cut the pieces individually, with scissors, not with a rotary cutter and definitely not by the strip cutting method.

I was interested in quilting as a young woman. However, my way differed from Granny's way and she had no problem telling me what she thought about it. I used a rotary cutter and the strip method and I did the piecing and the sewing by....machine. I called it quilting and, well, that was pretty well blasphemy as far as Granny was concerned. She told me straight up that it wasn't "real quilting".

That day, that moment, with her is one of my fondest memories. We were on different sides of the fence with our methods, but both together in our love for quilting. I look back on that day and a smile can't help but cover my face, much like her quilts and her love covered my heart.

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  1. THis reminds me of the movie with wynona ryder--an american quilt?


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