22 March 2012

Writer's Workshop

Mama’s Losin’ It

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The prompt that I chose this week is:

Describe an outfit you LOVED wearing.

Back in the late 1980s, I had a blue chambray skirt and top. The skirt was supposed to be about mid-calf length, but on me, it came to my ankles. I like skirts on the long side, so that was OK with me. There was a ruffle at the bottom of the skirt. The shirt had pearl-like buttons. I wore it out instead of tucked in.

I also wore a metal belt that had circle links and ovals with some sort of design that I can't remember at the moment. This belt is about as close as I've been able to find in a web search. While the links on mine were round, the closed metal pieces were ovals.

I had white boots with little pointed heels similar to these Victorian boots. The boots were just above ankle high and had pointy toes. I loved those boots, although they were exactly the best choice for climbing on Stone Mountain. I wrecked them there.

I don't think that I have any pictures of myself in this outfit. It was one of my late father-in-law's favorites to see me in. Because he really liked it, this is the outfit that I wore to his funeral. My husband really liked it, too. I don't know whatever happened to it, but I would love to have an outfit like that again.

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