24 March 2012

9 Days Until 1940!

1940 census

"What's that you say? Nine more days until 1940? Have you totally flipped your lid, Suz?"

No, I haven't. Really, 1940 will be here in nine days...the 1940 US Census, that is. After seventy-two very long years, twenty-six of which I was not around for, the results of the 1940 US Census will finally be released! You probably can't tell it, but I'm excited.

This is the first census that will include my grandparents as married people and some of my parents' siblings will be there, too. This census will hopefully answer for me the questions that I have of the when and where of the marriage of my paternal grandparents. This is what I hope most to find the answer to in this census.

Who are you hoping to find in there?

If you'd like to be a part of indexing the 1940 US Census and help others get the answers to their family history questions, be sure to check out the 1940 Census Project and sign up to help. It is free to sign up. The more of us indexing the census results, the faster the information can be out there for those researching their family history. More records out there means more chances to find the information that we need to fill in the gaps in our family histories.

Speaking of chances, while you're at it, visit the 1940 Main Blog Indexing Practice Contest. Enter for your chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire.

So, get ready! 1940 is just around the corner. Are you ready?

Disclosure: As part of the 1940 Census Ambassador Program this blog post enters me into a drawing for the Amazon Kindle Fire.

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