12 January 2012

A Meme for Genealogists: Geneameme

I was visiting The Pieces of My Past blog this morning and found this meme called The Ancestors' Geneameme from the Geniaus blog and thought that it would be fun to play along. So, here's my response!
The Ancestors' Geneameme

The list should be annotated in the following manner:

Things you have already done or found: bold face type
Things you would like to do or find: italicize (colour optional)
Things you haven’t done or found and don’t care to: plain type
You are encouraged to add extra comments in brackets after each item

Which of these apply to you?

Can name my 16 great-great-grandparents

OK, off the top of my head, I can only name 12 of them, but in my records somewhere I have the names of all 16 of them.

Can name over 50 direct ancestors

Have photographs or portraits of my 8 great-grandparents

I have pictures of two of them. I have a photo of my mother's paternal grandma and one of my daddy's paternal grandpa.

Have an ancestor who was married more than three times

Have an ancestor who was a bigamist

Met all four of my grandparents

Yes. I grew up with all of my grandparents living in the same county that I lived in. I was 15 when I lost the first one, my paternal grandfather "Papa", and was 44 when I lost the last of them, my paternal grandmother, "Granny".

Met one or more of my great-grandparents
Both of my maternal great-grandmothers were still alive when I was born. I remember sitting on a sofa with one of them.

Named a child after an ancestor

I have named two of my children after ancestors. My oldest son is named after my maternal-maternal great-grandpa and my youngest daughter's name is a version of a grand-aunt's name and she is called after that aunt's sister, who happens to be my maternal grandma.

Bear an ancestor's given name/s

In a manner of speaking, yes. My given name is the given name of my paternal-paternal great-grandmother and her sister combined. Susie + Annie = Suzanne

Have an ancestor from Great Britain or Ireland

Lots more than one of my ancestors were born in Ireland.

Have an ancestor from Asia

Have an ancestor from Continental Europe

Have an ancestor from Africa

Have an ancestor who was an agricultural labourer

A large percentage of my ancestors were farmers.

Have an ancestor who had large land holdings

Have an ancestor who was a holy man - minister, priest, rabbi

Have an ancestor who was a midwife

Have an ancestor who was an author

Have an ancestor with the surname Smith, Murphy or Jones

Have an ancestor with the surname Wong, Kim, Suzuki or Ng

Have an ancestor with a surname beginning with X

Have an ancestor with a forename beginnining with Z

Have an ancestor born on 25th December

Have an ancestor born on New Year's Day

Have blue blood in your family lines

Have a parent who was born in a country different from my country of birth

Have a grandparent who was born in a country different from my country of birth

Can trace a direct family line back to the eighteenth century

Can trace a direct family line back to the seventeenth century or earlier

Have seen copies of the signatures of some of my great-grandparents

Have ancestors who signed their marriage certificate with an X

Have a grandparent or earlier ancestor who went to university

Have an ancestor who was convicted of a criminal offense

Have an ancestor who was a victim of crime

Have shared an ancestor's story online or in a magazine (Tell us where)

Have published a family history online or in print (Details please)

Have visited an ancestor's home from the 19th or earlier centuries

Still have an ancestor's home from the 19th or earlier centuries in the family

Have a family bible from the 19th Century

Have a pre-19th century family bible


  1. This is a long list that will take me some time to answer. I do have most of the answers, but I have to go into my family tree maker to figure it all out. Only problem is I switched to a mac computer from windows and need to purchase a new FTM. Things can never be simple - huh?

    1. Hi Tami. Yes, it is a very long list and will take some time to get through. I'm betting we could each think of more questions in regards to the work that we have yet to do on our own family trees.

      I need to get a newer version of FTM. The version that I used to have is too old for the computer that I have now and was way before Windows Vista. No, things can never be simple. haha

      Are you making lots of progress with your tree?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope that you're having a blessed Sunday!


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