13 January 2012

Five Minute Friday: Awake

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This week's prompt is: Awake.

Awake. That's what I am most of the time, a walking zombie. I can't sleep, really sleep, because the bad dreams are there where sleep should be. If I do fall asleep, they follow me into the waking, along with the reminders of just what happens if I am down for more than six hours at a time. Awake and in pain, physically and otherwise.

Awake, what I want to be, fully awake to enjoy the time that I have left. Awake when everyone else is and fully alert, letting the pain sleep for a change.

I want to be awake and alert and right there in the moment when the bridge is finally crossed, when what I'm looking for is once and for all found.


  1. Hi Suzanne. I'm here from Lisa-Jo's. And wow. I've skimmed through your blog looking for what you might be writing about here. I didn't find answers, but I want you to know I'm praying for you. Right now. Hugs.

    1. Hi Sandra,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting and especially for the prayers.

      The late spring and summer of 2010 were a very emotional time for me. My health was failing...I almost died. Then, they found the tumors. Thankfully, it was not cancer, but they caused severe anemia and that is what was killing me. Those, along with their resident organ, were removed in the fall of 2010. During the time between diagnosis and the surgery, some upsetting things happened in my life. All of those things brought on bad dreams, which leads to no real sleep.

      Right now, I'm battling major headaches and the only relief from them is sleep. If I am in bed for more than six hours, I wake up in incredible pain. It's a no win situation, but I'm hoping it will get better. I'm trying to keep my mind off of it by occupying my mind with other things. It is easier some times than at others.

      Thanks so much for the prayers and hugs and your comment. Hugs back to you and you're in my prayers, too.

  2. Oops. I made an error in my website above.

    1. That's OK. I'm forever making mistakes, too. :)

      Have a great day!


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