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05 December 2011

Meet Me on Monday

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1. Monday's are _________?

Mondays are very busy around here. The majority of our merchandising jobs have to be done between Monday and Wednesday and we do what we can to get them all done on Monday in case another opportunity comes along.

2. What is your favorite kind of milkshake?

Chocolate milkshakes have always been my favorite. After chocolate comes strawberry, but I don't really like any of the other choices beyond those two.

3. What monthly bill do you most dislike paying?

I would have to say the water bill. It is ridiculously high at almost $200 a month. This is for water, sewer, and garbage pickup. Back home in South Carolina, the water bill was $18 a month and garbage pickup was $25 a month, with no sewer bill (we had a septic tank). At first, we thought it was just us, that we must have a leak or something else weird going on with the plumbing here. But, after talking to several others in our neighborhood, we know that we aren't the only ones dealing with an overly high water bill.

4. How many email addresses do you use on a regular basis?

I use three e-mail addresses on a regular basis. I am trying to cut it down to one because my main e-mail address has been taken over by the spam monsters, but I'm having trouble getting blog subscriptions switched over to one of the other accounts.

5. What color lights are on your Christmas Tree?

We only have one color of lights on our tree. They shine yellowish through clear covers.


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  2. @septic tank pumping alpharetta

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