20 November 2011

Hills, Creeks, and Coyotes!

Today was an adventure. We had jobs to do a zillion miles away from here and we rode through some really beautiful country. The landscape was rolling in stark contrast to the miles and miles of flat here where we live. The power lines were fewer and farther between, too, so that if I'd had time to do so, I could have gotten some really pretty big sky pictures. But, as usual, when we're in a pretty area, there's no time to stop to take pictures because we're booked solid with work and it is too dark to take them on the way back. We'll just have to find the time to go back when we aren't so booked up otherwise.

Oh yeah! I saw my first coyote in the wild on the way back today! I've seen another coyote in person, but it was in the Walmart parking lot, not at all its natural habitat. The one today was running across the road in booney-ville. It was great...and the light level was too low for me to try to photograph it. Plus, I didn't really want to risk it trying to chew off my face just because I wanted to take its picture. Maybe next time!

We also crossed over a creek named "Bessie's Creek". That one always makes me smile. I had a grand-aunt named Bessie. She was a real character and a very sweet lady. I still remember when her big, old house burned. Someone built a duplex there after that. Her house was a cool mill house and it seemed really huge to me. I sure miss Aunt Bessie. She was the oldest person that I knew on my daddy's side of the family and loaded with family history.


  1. Isn't that always the way? When we see great photo ops we're usually on the run - or without a camera. Coyotes are such shy creatures, I always think.

  2. In Washington we have two packs that live in the woods behind our house and I enjoy listening to them talk to each other.

    Here in Arizona we live in a Neighborhood and we sometimes see them walking across the street!


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