13 October 2011

Writer's Workshop: Don't Make Me Eat That!

Mama’s Losin’ It

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My response this week is from the following Writer's Workshop prompt:

5.) A recipe that went all kinds of wrong.


Who: Newlyweds
What: New recipe
When: Suppertime
Where: Kitchen table
Why: Because he loved her.
How: Very carefully!

Herbed livers. To a person that used to love livers, it sounded like a fun kitchen adventure, only I didn't have all of the necessary ingredients. OK, so I'll improvise and it will be alright.

I substituted this for that and that for this. Hey, it's green, so it should work, too, right? In it went. I was happy and hopeful. My man would be home soon and he would see how well I was learning my way around the kitchen.

He came in the door to smells that were interesting. Who doesn't like the smell of chicken livers cooking?

I was excited for him to taste what I had been working on for longer than it takes Christmas to arrive for a five year old. He sat down at the table like a good, hungry hubby and I gave him his plate. Usually, I would wait there while he took the first bite. This time, I had to get back to something in the kitchen. So, he was unchaperoned as he took those first bites...

I came back to the table with my plate and sat down to eat with him. I asked him how he liked it. "It's interesting, baby." He was nice and polite. I went to get him more...if only he had told me what he was really thinking. I came back with his re-load and sat down to take a bite of mine.

"ICK!!! Spit, spat, sputter! This is gross!" was my response to my own lovely creation. Those livers had to be the most disgusting things on the planet at that moment.

David hadn't wanted to hurt my feelings, so he led me to believe they were fine. He was so relieved that I found them disgusting, too, because he really didn't want to eat that second helping. I think he honestly thought that he would die if he had to put another of those herbed livers in his mouth. How he even swallowed the first one, I'll never know!

Thankfully, I learned how to cook and he thinks that I'm a great cook. I have always enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen, but never have I re-tried that recipe, even with the correct ingredients.

The policy now is if he doesn't like it, he tells me the truth and we figure something else out for that meal. That works a whole lot better than letting me think that I did something great and having us both potentially die an icky food death. :)

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