06 August 2011

Today's Adventure

We have to deal a good bit with restaurants in our line of work because we're always on the road. Today, we went to one about which we've heard a good many positive statements. It was Five Guys Burgers and Fries. We visited the one in Rosenberg, Texas.

I loved the decor. Red is one of my favorite colors and it is great paired with white. There were red and white tiles all around the walls. Most of the tiles were white, but there were two bands around the room made up of red and white tiles in a checkerboard-style pattern. It gave the place a very crisp, clean look. The pattern carried on into the bathroom, where even the paper towel and toilet paper dispensers were red. The only negative about the bathroom is also, overall, a positive. It was a one-seater, which is great for privacy, but if you're the one with the crossed eyes waiting on the other side of the door, then a multi-stalled deal is preferred over absolute privacy. :)

We were told to be prepared for a tummy-busting load of fries and they were right. We ordered a regular hamburger and a small order of fries. We cut the burger in half between us and shared the fries. We were ready to pop by the time we left. It made us wonder how large their version of large is when small filled us up!

It isn't the place to go if you have a peanut allergy. They use peanut oil in the cooking and have peanuts there as well. Thankfully, peanuts are one of the few things that I am not allergic to. The fries were pretty good and so was the burger. The burger was nice and hot and didn't fall apart making a big mess like some other burgers that we've had. The fries were pretty good, much like those made at home.

It was about twice the price of our usual burger joints, but it wasn't nearly as crowded (maybe because of the price?).  It was approximately $12 for a burger, small fries, and two fountain drinks...basically, what we would have spent for one person in a steak house.

One thing that was a big negative for me was the music. Although, for the most part, the music style was fine, the volume was not. It was way too loud and this alone would keep me from going back and eating inside the place. I would probably get take-out from there instead if I were to decide that I just had to have their food again.

So, if you have a heavy wallet and a taste for loud music and peanut oil-cooked fries, then head on over. It was a fun adventure. :)

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