01 August 2011

Made It!

I made it through another week of discussion questions, website summaries, papers and tests. Classes are half-over for the session now. So far, so good.

I just learned about an artist that ate money that had been auctioned, eliminated it, put it on display, and then it was returned to the person that had won it in the auction. I guess that I'm weird, but I wouldn't want it back after that processing, no matter who the "pooper" was. :)

I spent the other evening listening to songs by Dr. Hook, from throughout the 1970s. All day today, the song "Sweetest of All" has been my ear-worm. I woke up with it there after some really weird dreams. I can't get it out of my head. On occasion it has been interrupted by "Storms Never Last", but mostly it has been "Sweetest of All".

The dreams went from me waiting for something or someone, but I don't remember what or who, to me being trapped. No matter where I turned, the doors were closing. It was some sort of authority that was slamming down the doors. This causes me panicky feelings just thinking about it. I have some ideas about what brought this on, but I don't really know a good way to deal with it right now.

Now, it is on to another week of learning about interesting pieces of art, finding more jobs to do and books to read. What are your plans for the week?

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