15 July 2011

Day One Hundred Twenty-Four

124. I am thankful for my Dorian and for Our Father in Heaven Who is watching over her for me. I am thankful for the lessons that her brief life have taught me. I am thankful for friends that continue to love me through the continuing grief. I am thankful for people that understand that the hurt does not end. I am thankful for my remaining children and the miracle and mercy that Heavenly Father gave to me when He gave them to me. I am thankful for their laughter and love. I am thankful for the man that joined me to bring them into this world. I am thankful for his beautiful eyes and heart-grabbing grin. I am thankful for the years that we've had together. I am thankful for the chemistry lab and open windows. I am thankful for those that were so that I could be.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are
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