20 July 2011

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Does your life ever seem like a Dickens' novel to you? "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times" is the start of a classic, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. I read it in ninth grade; my grandma had to read it in third!

Sometimes my life seems like that and now is one of those times. Not just mine, but my friends, too. Right now, the things that are good are just totally wonderful, but the bad, well, just downright depressing. Wings are spreading and new lives being lived and people that love each other are breaking each others hearts. It is more than a body can process sometimes, these extreme contrasts.

What do you do when your life becomes out of sorts, unbalanced? How do you get back on even ground? Furthermore, how do you help your friends when their lives are tumbling in a downward spiral?


  1. My only advice is that things change and you will look back and wonder how you got through these things but you in fact do get through them.
    Think of a day when you were so tired you thought you couldn't get through a day of work but you did get through it and slept well that night and carried on. Just a small analogy but it is true.

  2. @Lori E

    Thanks, Lori. It is amazing some of the things that we realize we've made it through, isn't it?

    Thank you for being an encourager. I appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Your sis in Christ,


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