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07 June 2011

Too Old to Count

I will bet that you didn't know a person could be too old to count. I'm thinking the cut-off age for counting anything other than fingers and toes must be about forty-five, because that is how old I am and counting DVDs today knocked me on my behind.

Four feet wide, six feet tall was the size of the display that we had to get back in order and inventory. Twenty-four square feet of space, that's all. Not two-hundred forty, not twenty-four hundred, just plain, ol', itty, bitty, twenty-four. You would have thought we had been run over by a bus or something. By the time we left that store, we could hardly move.

Next time maybe we should inventory anvils or tow bars or something along those lines. At least then there would be a good excuse for being in so much pain!

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