06 June 2011

Day 22 – A Website

There are so many great websites out there that I wouldn't know which one to call my absolute favorite. So, I'll introduce you to one that we consider the "front door" to all of our sites. It is: McClendon Enterprises. On it, you will find links to the various social media that we use as well as links to pages that are in progress. We have lots of plans for these pages in the future (not necessarily the very near future!).

Please drop by and let me know what you think of the site. I am practicing logo design and the header on the McClendon Enterprises site was created by me. The header design may change, but the logo will stay the same for the foreseeable future.

I would appreciate suggestions for websites that could tell me how to create blog templates. Not just the design, but the actual details like: what format to save the files and image sizes, how to do the HTML coding for the template to work properly in the various blogging formats (Blogger, WordPress, etc.), dos and don'ts of template creation, that sort of thing. Any tips and tricks that you've found that you feel would be helpful would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  1. Very cool. I clicked through to your photography. My favorite is still Hiding Behind the Daisies. I find both soothing and a bit haunting.

  2. @Kelly

    Thanks, Kelly. That is one of my favorites, too. The eye itself in that image is one from a friend of mine. Many of my images focus on eyes. It is a part of my effort to raise awareness of visual impairments and raising money to help sponsor seeing eye dogs. Plus, I am an "eye" person...I find them very intriguing and they tell a lot about a person. :)

    Thanks for commenting and for visiting my photography page. :)


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