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Praise the Lord! After 6 weeks or so of dealing with medical facilities, we are finally back in our own home. David's foot is looking much, much better. There are still a few hurdles to cross, but he'll make it.

Please bear with us as we get adjusted to being home again and get back in the swing of blogging again.

Thank you for continued prayers!!!

Also, if you'd love to help cheer him up since YouTube has decided he is unworthy of monetization since his isn't a huge channel, please subscribe to his YouTube channel and watch the videos. That would really make his day! He has to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4,000 minutes of watch time within 30 days in order to be able to keep the monetization option.

15 June 2011

Day 29 – My Hopes, Dreams, Plans for the Next 365 Days

I hope to lose at least another twenty pounds by the end of this year. I hope for us to get back on track with the lifestyle that we started last summer and were making such great progress with in regards to our health.

I dream of a day, a life, with no tension, and no doubts about the things that I have the most doubts about.

I plan to do the best that I can this time around with school, though I am very apprehensive about how it will go. Things don't always go as planned, promised, or desired. Time will tell. One of the biggest concerns is just being able to make it through without getting sidetracked again by another sickness.

I pray to be the best me that I can be and to be the me that He wants me to be.

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