03 May 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ 3 May 2011

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FOR TODAY, 3 May 2011

Outside my window...there are big trucks rumbling by. I can't see which trucks are out there, but the grass trucks are hauling these days and some hay trucks are, too.

I am thinking...that some folks are gluttons for punishment and, no matter how often they suffer bad consequences, they never learn.

I am thankful for...a reasonably calm weekend and hope the rest of the week will be the same.

From the learning rooms...I have learned how to add a scroll bar to Blogger gadgets and also how to add "You Might Also Like" links to other posts under the current post. I have yet to learn how to create a blog template from scratch. All I seem to be able to find in the searches are links to free templates and how to add templates to blogs, but not how to actually create the coding necessary for a blog template or guidance on sizing and formatting of the images involve. At least creating the imagery itself is something that I can do. :)

From the kitchen...cornbread! My husband has made it several times over the last few days. He does such a great job of it. :)

I am wearing...my yellow nightgown.

I am creating...fractals and blog headers. I may never use the headers that I am creating, but I am having fun making them.

I am going...nowhere that isn't absolutely necessary today!

I am reading...web pages mostly lately, but the new book from Debbie Macomber, A Turn in the Road, has come in, so I'll probably start reading that soon. First, I have to finish Tracie Peterson's book, Dawn's Prelude.

I am hoping...that my daughter feels better soon. She keeps having on-and-off fevers and the cause hasn't been determined yet.

I am hearing...the cardinals chinking at each other and the shower water running.

Around the house
...is mostly quiet. Not everyone is awake yet.

One of my favorite things...is to research genealogy. I am considering adding a genealogy resource page to this blog and maybe a family history prompt-of-the-week type post.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
art class, CAP and nothing else really planned at this point. That can change at a moment's notice, however, in our line of work.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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