14 April 2011

Writer's Workshop Thursday: It's In There!

For Writer's Workshop Thursday, we're given a list of prompts and are to choose at least one to write about on our blogs. Today, I chose this one:

"What do the contents of your handbag/purse “say” about you?"

Please play along at Mama's Losin' It.

The contents of my itty-bitty, Eeyore-embellished purse are as follows:

Two dimes, a penny, and a bicentennial quarter; Avon biz cards and holder;
Epi pen; napkins, salt, pepper, crumbs; Wallet; 2 ink pens;
Two pages from Avon brochure with customer wishes circled; Receipt;
Emery board; Lottery scratcher token; Pink polka dotted compact mirror

What these contents say about me:

...That I have no money to speak of, but am hoping to change that. I play scratch-off tickets sometimes because I like Bingo and Crossword, but not depending on it to make a fortune.

...That we eat on the road. We do a contract job on a regular basis to earn money as well as to spend time together.

...That I have allergies severe enough that I have to have treatment immediately available. The allergy list is long and distinguished.

...That my nails are prone to breaking at the most inopportune time (when is it "opportune"?).

...That I sell Avon and some of my customers use the brochure as their order slip, marking what they want straight on the brochure pages. And, I love to write and want to make sure that I am able to no matter where I am at.

...That sometimes I need to look at myself, but I don't want to see too much of *me* at a time!

My purse would be saying a lot more if I hadn't recently cleaned it out. I also have a Mary Poppins-sized bag. :)

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  1. I can't believe all of that fit into Eeyore's bag. You certainly are well prepared for many things. Love the salt-n-pepper:) Cute compact mirror too. My daughter wants one of those. You just gave me an idea for an Easter basket goodie:) Thanks!
    P.S. I'm too afraid to even look into my purse. It would be scary!

  2. Too funny! This one has been pretty scary at times. haha

    I'm glad that I helped by giving you an Easter goodie idea. Have fun. :)


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