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13 April 2011

Wildflowers, Weeds, Whatchamawhosits, and Wednesdays

Today's adventure led us in search of Queen Anne's Lace. When I was young, I thought this plant to just be an ugly weed. Now, I see it for the beautiful flower that it really is. It is a big flower made up of smaller flowers made up of yet still smaller flowers. It is full of surprises that I just couldn't see when I was younger...and I didn't see them today, either, until I unloaded the camera. There are tiny little stalks with pinkish/purplish tips on them. So pretty. :)

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  1. Oh, I love Queen Anne's lace!!! The fields by my childhood home were full of them, and combined with Soledego & honeysuckle, it's the best scent ever!!

  2. Wow, I bet that was absolutely beautiful. I haven't been able to smell the Queen Anne's lace, but I love the smell of honeysuckle.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)


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