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24 April 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Join the fun on this scavenger hunt! Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

For this week, we were to find the following:

Guess what this is
What's Inside
Lawn & Garden


This is a self-portrait, of sorts, in addition to being a reflection shot. My husband and I are showing up in the glass door. I don't like when that happens. But, I guess until I learn how to be invisible, it is going to happen around reflective surfaces. :)

Guess what this is:

I promise; it isn't nearly as gross as it looks.haha

What's inside?

Whatever it is inside there, I don't want it! Ewwww!


I know this isn't typically what is thought of at the mention of the word "playtime", but this is very much representative of playtime for me. I love to find flowers that I haven't photographed before and I had never seen a flower like this until we visited Myra's Garden.

Lawn & Garden

David and I were working down in Bay City, Texas this past week and stopped by this garden shop. I love the way they have it set up there. Check out their website at: Myra's Garden

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  1. Great shots - I especially like your garden shop shot!

  2. Thanks, Ashley! It was a really fun place to visit. :)

  3. Really nice shots! Is is candle wax for the guess what this is shot? The garden shop is fantastic :)

  4. Thank you, on all counts! I wish you folks could see this garden shop in person. There are purple flowers everywhere.

    That is exactly what it is. haha It looks pretty in person, but sure looks like something gross in the picture. It is a mixture of white, pink, and rose candles that my husband and son have melted over a sparkling grape juice bottle.

  5. Thank you both for visiting and commenting here, Ashley and April. I appreciate it very much!

  6. The last picture of the garden shop is gorgeous! And I recognized the wax, too.

    Happy Easter!


  7. That garden shop is so cool. At first I thought it was a house that had been tagged by some nice vandalizers - it's so cute.

    A candle?

  8. im going to guess its candle wax? it is lovely shot. all of your shots are really great.

  9. Thanks, Melissa, Kimberly, and Aleks, for visiting and the kind comments. :)

    Yes, it is candle wax. My husband and son have been melting candles down the sides of two sparkling grape juice bottles. It is interesting to see the shapes that happen while the wax melts and then quickly cools.


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