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06 April 2011

Not Afraid

I am not afraid of pain and death
They only make the body cold.

What I fear is being caged
Locked up, no voice, trapped
And tormented, tortured for your pleasure
Like my grandfather and his grandfather before.

The caging of the heart, of the soul
Of the me that is me
Ever wanting, never finding
This is what I fear...a loss of hope.

No, I am not afraid of pain and death
For with them comes freedom!

©2004-2011 Suzanne G. McClendon

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  1. Hello and thanks for visiting me.
    My husband's mother's maiden name was McClendon.
    Yes, I love the Debbie Macomber books...are you reading the ones with the addresses?
    Mama Bear

  2. Thank you for visiting me here and commenting, Mama Bear. I have e-mailed you and am following your blog now, too. I love your bear theme. I had a Teddy bear that was very dear to me as I was growing up. :)


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