20 May 2017

Book Review: Choices: The True Story of One Family’s Daring Escape to Freedom By J. E. Laufer

Choices: The True Story of One Family’s Daring Escape to Freedom

By J. E. Laufer

We were provided an advanced reader copy of Choices: The True Story of One Family’s Daring Escape to Freedom so that we might make a review.

This book starts off twelve years after the liberation of Auschwitz.  The end of that awful period in history known as “The Holocaust” was not the end of suffering for many families. Communism was rampant in Hungary. There was much oppression still for the Jewish people.

Kati, the main character of this story, relives some awful memories of her time at Auschwitz that, at times, had me fighting back the tears. This story, though, is not about her experiences in the concentration camp, but of her family, her husband and their two young children in post-war Hungary. It is a story of parents wanting better for their children, when the potential of the unknown is so much greater than the known.  

Overall, this story is one of hope, and faith...oh so much faith! and a determination to run for freedom, in spite of the risks.

Choices gets all five stars. It is a wonderfully inspiring story, one that reminds us that faith can move mountains.  It can give us strength to press on when we think we can’t move another inch, but we know we need to, especially for the children. 

We recommend this book to all of our readers, especially those with a love of history and stories of faith.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. This sounds like a good book even though I am sure it is sad.

    1. Oh it is a very good book. There sadness in her remembering, but it is a story oozing with hope. It is a true story.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed day. :)


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